Our company

The founder, Mr.Gene H.Bell began doing business with military products during World War II, buying surplus military and police equipment, which included frigates, aircraft , armored vehicles, weapons, uniforms, boots, insignia and other accoutrements.

We are located in Florida. We sell: Military and Police products, equipment & accoutrements such as; military and police clothing, uniforms, boots, hats, insignias, buttons, military and police tactical accessories for professionals, hunters, etc.. .

 Also other military and police products; Sales of military uniforms, boots, hats, kepis, berets, caps, visors, chin straps, cap cords, buttons, buckles, belts, badges, metal insignias, insignias, raw materials for production of military badges, shoulder boards, tips, shoulder cords, epaulettes, sword knots, police uniforms and accessories;  saber chains, swords and sabers, dog tags, silencers and chains. .